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Freedom comes when you learn to let go

All they really needed was the proper point of view.

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10 February 1984
Well... There isn't really much to say about me other than I'm a young Dane, who spends way too much time in front of her computer reading all kinds of slash. It's my favorite way to kick back and relax for a while. I'm very passionate about what I read. I write a whole lot as well but I don't post much, as writing is an awfully intimate thing to me. Maybe one day...

My favorite fandom will always be Football & LotR & Alexander The Great, but I dabble in everything from Psych, Numb3rs and Charmed to 30 Seconds To Mars, Star Wars and RPS of all kinds.

My favourite football nations are Spain and Germany. I'm fan of the clubs: Liverpool, Real Madrid, RCD Mallorca, and OB.

I also love history (with everything it entails) to an insane degree. :D

I am always available for a chat and a snip of scotch, discussing the finer points of buttsex. Indeed.
30 seconds to mars, 30stm, a beautiful lie, actus reus, alexander, alexander the great, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient history, ancient rome, ancient warfare, andriy shevchenko, antique weaponry, aphrodite, apollo, aragorn, art, artemis, astrology, astronomy, atheism, athene, bastian schweinsteiger, bisexuality, books, celebrity gossip, champions league, charmed, classical antiquity, classical history, colin farrell, computers, constellations, control, crime, criminology, daniel agger, dean winchester, demonology, denmark, drama, drawing, eastern religion, egypt, elves, english, fa cup, fanart, fanfiction, fernando torres, fiction, film, football, football icons, football slash, francesc fabregas, gender identity, germany, greek, greek literature, hellenism, hephaestion, hephaestus, hephaistion, hera, hermes, history, homer, iker casillas, insanity defense, interaction, international relations, irony, jared leto, kaka, kink, la liga, languages, latin, law enforcement, layouts, legolas, literature, liverpool, looking for group, lord of the rings, luis garcia, lukas podolski, mens rea, mental illness, movies, music, mythology, objectification, opportunity theory, philosophy, photoshop, poetry, pop culture, positivist criminology, premier league, primera division, psychology, raul, reading, real madrid, rivendell, rock music, running, sam winchester, sas ligaen, schweinski, science-fiction, sergio ramos, sex, sexuality, shannon leto, slash, sleeping, social control, social psychology, social research, social theory, society, sociological theory, spain, spanish, spirits, steven gerrard, supernatural, tarantulas, the iliad, the kill, the universe, theatre, this is war, tolkien, tomo milicevic, traveling, world domination, writing, xabi alonso, young offenders, youtube, zeus

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