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Kayden [userpic]

Fic: What About Now - Chapter 13

July 8th, 2011 (02:24 am)

Title: What About Now?
Pairing: Jared/Colin
Rating: R
Feedback: I have never needed it more. Good or bad, need it!
Disclaimer: NOT TRUE, and hopefully most will never ever happen. I own nothing.
Beta: The eternally stunning legolastariel helped me out with this. Thank you, dear!
A/N: Story begins at the O2 Arena concert November 30th.

A/N 2: Dedicated in its entirety to the ever lovely and always supportive legolastariel !

Summary: Jared is fighting for his life. Colin is fighting with himself. And the press is fighting for a story.

Colin gave Jared a tentative hug before slipping towards the back entrance, making himself scarce as Shannon pushed his brother’s wheelchair towards the lobby. They had quickly decided that Colin should not be leaving the hospital with Jared, as it would raise too many questions. And so far, answering awkward questions was low on the agenda for all of them. The only goal right now was to get Jared on a plane back to The States as quickly as possible and then take things from there.

It was amidst finger pointing and many open-mouthed stares that the pair headed for the main exit. Shannon could not help but feel more than a little apprehensive as he pushed his younger brother towards civilization for the first time in almost two months. He was afraid of what awaited them on the outside of the hospital’s doors, as there had been silence on Twitter and other social networks from them all since the shooting and Shannon was well aware that the Echelon was waiting with bated breath for the bands return. If the different trending topics that occurred practically daily were any indication, the fans were more than ready for the lines of communication to be opened.

But looking at Jared’s downturned head and the frantic way the singer was clutching the armrests of the wheelchair, refusing to look anyone they passed in the eye, Jared was not nearly as ready as the Echelon wanted him to be.

Jared had never been the shy type, he had never been afraid of facing the excitement the band caused, but this time around he felt nothing but anxiety and dread. His palms were sweating, his heart was pounding in his chest and his breathing was much too superficial to be comfortable. He could feel himself growing more and more lightheaded the closer they came to the sliding doors.

Not breaking stride, Shannon headed for a small area with couches hidden by potted plants. Turning the chair around so no one could see them, the drummer crouched down in front of his brother.

“Jared?” Shannon asked, his voice hushed as he took in Jared’s shallow breathing and ashen skin.

“Has it leaked yet that I’m leaving? There is awful lot of people outside.” Jared said forcedly, gesturing towards the general direction of the glass doors, his voice a lot higher than usual. He tried to distract himself by picking at a loose thread in his pants, but it was not working and his eyes kept darting around the mostly empty lobby, searching for people who stared too long.

“The fans?” Shannon said, reaching forward to grasp Jared's restless hand, stilling it. “They’ve been here the whole time waiting for you. Waiting for this. But no, no one has been told anything. Emma got to the doctors and nurses first, so they are not telling.”

Putting his large palm on Jared’s bony knee, Shannon gave it a comforting squeeze before settling his gaze on Jared, looking into the nervous blue eyes. “But it won’t be long before someone notices you and calls the media back here.”

“I’m not sure I can do this.” Jared said, out of breath as his chest heaved with the first strains of panic. Shannon got to his feet and placed both of his hands on Jared’s shoulders, trying to keep them from shaking.

“Listen, bro,” he implored, “there is no way around this. You can’t hide away from them forever.” Shannon said, regret in his voice as he looked around the room, gauging if they were being watched by prying eyes. He could not help but feel rushed. They needed to get out of here before the press showed up.

Jared buried his face in his hands, his breathing heavy as he let out a moan.

Lifting his younger brother’s chin, Shannon looked into the blue eyes, which were now fighting against heavy emotion that they did not have the time for. His gaze softened and he attempted to transfer as much calm as possible into Jared.

“Tomo is outside waiting with the car. We’ll go fast, it’ll be just like ripping off a band-aid. Give a little wave and a smile, and it’ll be done. It’ll be over.” Shannon cajoled.

Appealing to his brother’s strong sense of duty, he tried another approach. “The Echelon has been waiting for you for almost two months. All they want is for you to acknowledge them and they’ll be happy. That’s all they need from you.” Shannon could not help but feel guilty as he used Jared’s love for the fans against him, but he knew he had to psyche his brother fast, before the media circus arrived to get the first snapshots of Jared post-shooting. They needed to leave.

Taking a deep breath, Jared nodded biting his lip, before shakily adding. “Okay. Let’s do this.”

Jared could not help but feel a sense of déjà-vu, knowing he had said the same words before shows at least a hundred times. He tried convincing himself that it was just the same, but the desired effect was absent and as Shannon pushed them towards the entrance, Jared could feel his nausea building.

The glass doors opened with a swoosh, letting in the cold London air. As they stepped through the entrance, camera flashes started going off like fireworks and Jared clutched the armrest even tighter, desperate to keep himself grounded as panic snapped at his mind. Voices were yelling all at once and from every direction.

The press had joined the fans.

“Mr. Leto, how are you after your harrowing ordeal?”


“Jared, is it true that you will never walk again?”

“Mr. Leto, are you gay?”

“Jared, look at me, please?! I love you!”

Jared could see several young girls crying and screaming at him, tears running down their faces as they zealously reached out for him. Young men with their phones recorded videos. Groups were holding banners and triads up high, while others took pictures of him. Everyone was striving to get his attention, suffocating him with their grabby hands and squealing tones. His heart was thudding in his chest as he was put out on display. One wrong move, one word too much and they would be all over it.

Numbly, he raised his arm to give a half-hearted wave in their general direction, hoping to God that no one could see him fighting panic with all his might. “Hey.” He said weakly, his voice breaking. He felt pathetic, but he had no more to offer. The anxiety had a tight grip on him and refused to let go.

He knew he should be grateful for the show of support and love from all the fans assembled. He should be thankful that they were still there. Really, he should. All the attention on him was worth millions. Being a star, being wanted by the public like he was now – it was the dream of thousands. But at this moment, he wished he was just an ordinary guy who would be left in peace with his misery – not having it immortalized by flashes and video-cameras.

“Guys, over here!” The usually soft-spoken Croatian was yelling above the noise of the still shouting reporters and fans. Jared had never been so thankful to see the familiar face as he was now. The crowd parted as Shannon pushed the wheelchair towards the ambulance waiting to take them to the Heathrow Airport.

“Jared, are you okay? You look a little pale... –” Tomo began, but Shannon cut him off. “Not now, Tome, I think we need to get out of here.” Tomo nodded mutely, trusting the older brother’s judgement as they watched the medics lift Jared into the back of the transport, before they made their way towards the airport.


Two days later

“Stop being a bitch and take your pills.” Shannon was not sure where exactly him asking his younger brother if he was alright had turned into an hour-long shouting match, but it had. Jared was being chronically bitchy about anything and everything, which had now developed into a sudden aversion to taking the pain medication that he was still relying heavily on to function. Shannon was convinced that the problem was not with the pills – after all, Jared had no problems taking them this morning – the problem was with the dangerous gleam in the blue eyes. The one that spelled trouble. Something was brewing and Shannon had no idea how to stop it. And the longer it progressed, the more he was convinced he would be caught up in the wave as well.

Ever since they had returned home to LA, Jared had been on edge. Even though it was now possible for him to have as many visitors as he pleased, he refused to see anyone other than Tomo, Shannon, Colin and his mom. Everyone whose relation to Jared was even remotely work related was turned away at the door. And everyone merely wanting to see him was turned away too, just for good measure. The singer seemed content to hole up on the couch of Shannon and his’ home, watching TV or picking fights with his brother. This was the third argument of the day and Shannon was about ready to grab Jared and chuck him in the pool to make him stop.

He was at his wits end. Jared was driving him up the wall with his unnecessary anger and something had to give soon or he would have to punch Jared in the face. The singer refused to adjust to being dependent upon assistance and he insisted on showing his embarrassment at having Shannon help him shower and dress by sneering at him at every chance.

“Don’t need my fucking pills.” The singer said arrogantly, demonstratively throwing his arm around before grapping his leg and yanking it onto the couch to change position. He quickly realized that it had been a bad idea when pain shot up through his leg and into his hipbone, making the edges around his vision fuzzy.

“Yeah, right!” Shannon stormed into the room carrying a glass of water and small handful of multicoloured tablets. “Can’t you for once act like an adult and take your damn medication?!”

“I don’t want to take the pills!” Jared whined, picking up a throw pillow and chucking it at Shannon in a pathetic attempt of rebellion. The drummer dodged the flying obstacle with ease, but he could not avoid sloshing some of the water in the glass he was carrying over his clothes.

“Christ, you are annoying.” Shannon muttered as he slammed the glass with the remaining water down on the coffee table, along with the pills, before stalking out of the room.

“Oh, fuck you Shannon,” Jared yelled after him, “and stay out of my business. I don’t need your fucking help!”

“You are my business, Jared.” Shannon said as he walked back into the room. “And in case you hadn’t noticed it, you are currently completely reliant on my help for most of your needs.”

“You really just love rubbing it in, don’t you?” The singer yelled scornfully, before hissing “Congratulations,” his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Finally getting to be the better brother? What’s next, you kicking me out of Mars?”

“Would you fucking listen to yourself, you little twerp? What the hell is wrong with you?” Shannon was looking at Jared like he had grown a second head as the younger man kept spouting nonsense.

“You! You are what’s wrong with me! Getting all up in my business. I am so fucking sick of seeing your face...”

“Well, the feeling is mutual, bro.”

“Fuck you, Shannon”

“Damn it, Jared!”

Momentary silence settled as the two brothers stopped shouting long enough to glare at each other, Jared's shoulders heaving from the rage running though him.

Shannon just looked exhausted.

“When was the last time you cared about anything enough to not shout at it?” Shannon said, voice devoid of any feeling, “when was the last time you did not just sneer at me whenever I as much as looked at you? I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, but if it’s to prove you’re fine, you are doing a shitty job. You don’t eat. You don’t sleep. Hell, you won’t even work.” At that, Shannon let out a laugh deprived of all mirth, muttering something that sounded suspiciously like ‘never thought I’d see the day’. Gathering his composure, he started pacing the room, continuing with his tirade; “and I think that’s what worries me more than anything, the day that Jared Leto, doesn’t even care about his dreams. You used to love doing this shit!”

“I already told you I was quitting Mars.” Jared said indignantly.

“Well, it’s fucking wrong, and you could at least help clean up the mess you left behind, before they fucking sue us again!” Shannon pressed, anger seeping into his tone once more. But this time it was not directed at Jared. The label was not pleased at the red numbers the many cancelled shows were bringing. And their standing with their employers was not exactly brilliant to begin with. Add the fact that Jared refused to promise them that he would make more music to make up for their loss of income and you had some very pissed off label execs. They were pressuring both Shannon and Tomo daily and the two band members had no idea what to tell them.

“What’s that supposed to mean? My mess?”

“Our mess! I meant our mess.” Shannon quickly reiterated. They were not in any way blaming this on Jared. On the contrary, they were trying to protect Jared from it as much as they could.

“No, you didn’t- you blame all this on me, don’t you? You’ve just been waiting for a chance to have a go at me, haven’t you?” Jared sneered, blue eyes like ice as he hurled his words at his brother.

“Jared, that was not what I meant and you know it.” Shannon said dejectedly, wanting to get some hold over the conversation again before Jared peddled it into a place they could not get back from.

“Well, maybe I blame you, too. You were supposed to be there for me. Well, where were you when I needed you, huh?” Jared was well aware that he was crossing a line, but he was on a roll and the anger needed an outlet.

“Don’t.” Shannon said, raising his arms in warning. He had had enough. This was not going to go anywhere but the point of no return... fast. “We're not doing th–”

But Jared ploughed right ahead.

“You were supposed to protect me! This is your fucking fault!” Jared was momentarily stunned that he had actually said what he did and the moment the words left him, Jared knew he had fucked up.

“You really mean that?” Shannon said softly, hazel eyes boring into his younger brother’s heart and for the first time, Jared seemed at a loss what to say.

“No... Shannon, I just –”

“I can’t, Jared. I can’t talk to you right now.” Shannon said shakily. “I’m gonna go for a walk. I think I need some fresh air.” Shannon ran a shuddering hand through his short dark hair, before abruptly turning around and leaving Jared alone on the couch in the living room.

“Don’t you dare fucking leave me! Shannon!” Jared’s voice was piteously close to breaking.

A minute later, the sound of the front door being slammed echoed through the house.

Picking up the glass of water Shannon had given him, he threw it across the room and watched as it smashed against the wall, water splashing everywhere.

Fuck the water. Fuck Shannon and his overbearing shit. He did not need any help, Goddamn it. They could all go to hell.

His heart rate sped up once more as he fought against the ever present rage warring at the back of his mind and he clutched at his chest, biting back a yell of pure frustration and pain. His stupid body kept betraying him. After the shooting, nothing felt the way it was supposed to. His body rebelled and his heart tried to make its way out through his ribs.

Shannon walked out. Shannon left him. Stupid piece of shit. It was not like he needed Shannon anyway.

He felt like he had his back against the wall.

Feeling claustrophobic, he rolled around on the couch, trying to climb off it. The movement sent a spike of pure pain through his leg, but he did not stop. He had no idea where he was going, he just knew he needed to get out of there, before he went insane.

Turning onto his side he reached out with both of his arms and pushed against the back of the couch, feeling himself sliding backwards over the edge and down onto the floor. He bit back a gasp of agony as he hit the carpet-covered parquet and spots danced in front of his eyes. But he still did not stop. Rolling onto his stomach he started dragging his body across the floor, hands catching on the shards of glass spread around in the puddles of water, leaving small trails of blood behind. He tried in vain to kick himself forward with his good leg, but without any success.

He felt suffocated by the room, suffocated by fear, by agony and by the heavy brace holding his leg down. Life itself was suffocating him and he tried in vain to bite back a miserable sob.

Pathetic. Utterly pathetic, lying on the floor of his living room crying like a baby. He had pushed everyone away. He had pushed his best friend – his brother – away from him, the one man who would always love him, he had made him mad. He deserved to die. He deserved to be punished by the pain coursing through him.

Soon Mason would be back to claim his life. He was probably already here, waiting to finish the job. Oh God, what if he escaped from prison? What if he was truly coming back to kill him?

Someone knocked on the door and Jared wanted to scream.

His eyes tracked imaginary shadows in the bright lighting of his living room, his heart hammering against his ribs. Fear ran through his veins as he frantically dragged himself into the corner of the room. He was not safe here anymore. Not without Shannon. Shannon would have protected him, but Jared had to go and make his only protector leave him. He was doomed to die in his living room, curled into a ball in the corner, like the pathetic human being that he was.

Colin lifted his hand and knocked on the door again, waiting for the telltale sounds of Jared making his way into the foyer in his wheelchair, but the sound did not come. He knocked again, but no one answered. He was well aware that Jared insisted on answering the door himself, even if it took him a good minute to wheel himself through the hallway. Yet this time around he did not wait for Jared to get the door. He could live with the ‘don’t treat me like an invalid’ tongue lashing from Jared, but the thought of something having happened to Jared while he was alone, he could not live with.

Shannon had called him up, demanding that he took the drive right now to go see to Jared. Colin did not need to be familiar with Shannon to be able to hear just how tense the other man sounded and knowing how high tensions ran in the Leto household these days, Colin put two and two together rather quickly.

Fishing out the spare key he was granted by Shannon, in case of emergencies, a week ago, Colin hesitantly opened the heavy wooden door, already afraid of what he would find. “Jared?” he called, but no one answered him.

“Jared, where are you? Jay?” He made his way through the hall and into the kitchen finding nothing, before he decided to turn left towards the living room.

The sight greeting him was infinitely worse than what he could have imagined. Nestled, curled into a ball in the corner of the living room was the proud singer, blood on his hands and small streaks on the floor from where he had reached out for something he had not found.

“Oh, Jared.” Colin walked forward and sank to his knees next to the downed singer. He hesitated a second before placing his hand on Jared’s shoulders, but the trembling man who was by now almost catatonic in his panic did not react to his touch.

It broke Colin’s heart to see Jared so terrified of the shadows in his own home. To see him struggle against his fear of being attacked in a place where he was supposed to be safe. Propping the unresponsive Jared up, he moved around so that Jared was resting against his chest, them both still seated on the floor.

Dazedly, Jared reached up with his hand, brushing Colin’s chin. “Shannon? Why are you not Shannon?” Jared started crying, big fat tears making their way down his cheeks. For a second, his eyes seemed to clear and he wrenched himself from Colin’s arms, but it did not last long and he fell forward. Colin had no choice but to let him go, but he kept an arm across Jared’s shoulder, happy that it was not shrugged off.

“Shannon will be back later, I promise. Come on, we need to get you off the floor.”

“NO! I’m safer here. I need to be here.” Jared moaned desperately, reaching out to clutch at the carpet with his bleeding hands, making Colin wince. The Irishman reached out and grabbed at Jared’s hands trying to stop him, but Jared batted him away. Colin tried again, reaching out under Jared’s armpits, lifting him up.

“No, Jared, we need to get you off the floor. Your leg–”

“Do I deserve to die?” That made Colin freeze completely. He had gotten Jared halfway upright but he gave up and let him sink back down. His heart broke as the empty blue eyes stared up and into him, begging for an answer.

“No.” He shook his head. But what did it matter what Colin replied? What did it matter, when Jared doubted it enough to even ask?

“I don’t want to do this anymore. I can’t do this anymore.” Jared said, starting to cry again, total defeat leaving him nothing but a hollow weight lying on the floor.

Colin sat down and brushed the hair from Jared’s face as he took in the haggard appearance of the man he used to be with. The tense body reminded Colin of the servant in an old fairytale he had read to James, who had steel bands around his chest to keep his heart from breaking. Only, Jared’s bonds were coming off one by one and left behind was a defeated mess.

“I’m so sick of it. I'm sick of the tears. I’m sick of feeling like I'm going to fall apart any second of the day – I'm just so fucking sick of feeling fucking sick. I want it to stop. I want my life back. I want my life back now! I want it back please...” And then Jared pulled himself up against Colin and dissolved into harsh, shuddering sobs against Colin’s shoulder. His entire body shook and the slender hands clutched at Colin’s shirt with an iron grip as he fell apart.

For several long minutes they sat there with Jared crying out desperately into the crook of the younger man’s neck while Colin rocked him, trying hard to be comforting as his own tears spilled over at his friend’s utter misery, sliding into Jared’s hair. It was simply too heartbreaking to watch a man with the pride and strength of Jared fall apart so completely.

Leaning back against the wall behind, Colin let Jared cry himself to sleep against his chest, exhausted by his own misery. Colin drew his own personal comfort from just holding the familiar weight of Jared in his arms. He watched as the shadows on the floor grew long, still rocking the slumbering singer in his arms, though it was no longer necessary.

Almost an hour had passed before Colin picked up the measly weight of the smaller man. He did it with a certain bittersweet regret, as he was not sure when he would get the chance to be so close to Jared again without being pushed away. With reverence and care, he placed Jared back onto the couch, where he watched him for a while, watched as he stayed completely still. Usually Jared would move around in his sleep, but this time the only motion coming from him was the unconvincing rise and fall of his chest. Getting up, he walked into the kitchen to get a new glass of water and some band-aids.

When he got back into the living room, red-rimmed blue eyes were staring vacantly up at him from between the couch cushions. Colin gave the still unresponsive man a sad, tender smile, before sitting down next to Jared and picking up the pills still lying on the coffee table. Too tired to protest and not in any position to hold the glass himself, Jared threw his eyes to the floor and opened his mouth, accepting the pills that were placed on his tongue before letting Colin unceremoniously help him drink the water.

Jared said nothing; the only thing he gave away was a few inches of space on the couch for Colin to sit on. After a few minutes, it was obvious that the medication began to take control as the slender body started to slide sideways towards the cushioned armrest. Catching Jared’s shoulder, Colin looked into the blue eyes for permission. When he did not get rejection, he gently picked up Jared’s wrists and started bandaging his hands. He was happy to see that the cuts were only superficial and would heal in no time. Several minutes passed while Colin worked in silence and the Irishman was convinced that Jared had fallen asleep when the man suddenly spoke up.

“You make my head feel quiet.” Jared said sounding like a small, wondrous child, the painkillers making him slur the words.

“Is that bad?” Colin asked, his voice laced with a mixture of uncertainty and curiosity.

“No.” Jared answered simply, before turning to lean fully on the armrest, eyes slipping closed as sleep beckoned.

Colin started to get up, his intention to bring the empty glass back into the kitchen when a surprisingly strong hand gripped his wrist. “What is it? Are you in pain?” Colin asked, brow furrowing with worry, but the desperate look in Jared’s eyes told him all he needed to know.

“I’m not letting you sleep alone. I promise.” Colin assured as he smoothed the hair away from Jared’s forehead, his own eyes not leaving his former lover’s, which seconds later slipped closed as he succumbed to sleep.


When Jared awoke, Colin had left, but Jared had expected that.

He could hear Shannon bustling in the studio and the small noises felt comforting to him. He knew he only needed to open his mouth and yell for him and Shannon would be there in a heartbeat. He still needed to find a way to apologize to his brother. Just because he knew Shannon was not one to hold a grudge did not mean he had any right to say the shit he did.

But he did not need Shannon right now. He needed to be alone with his thoughts.

He needed to examine the veil of fear and anguish and rage which had spread itself between the world and him. Between his brother and him. Between Colin and him.

He was sick of it. Sick of being afraid. Sick of wondering what he had done wrong.

He did not use to be like this. He used to have control, used to know what the right thing to do was. Now he was trapped. But he was rapidly becoming aware of the fact that he was the one building the cage. And not Mason.

He needed help.

Picking up his blackberry he started searching through page after page until he found what he was searching for.

He put the phone back on the table and buried a hand in his hair, sighing.

His leg throbbed and he cautiously wrapped his arm around his only recently healed side, trying to ignore the still foreign sensation of scar tissue making his skin feel bumpy underneath his t-shirt.

Reluctantly, he picked up his blackberry once more and looked at the screen.

He could still feel bullets ripping through his flesh. Ripping through everything he thought he knew.

It was not going away. None of it was. Unless he did something.

Pushing down the raw feeling of defeat, he pressed the button on his phone, listening for the dial tone. The phone rang two times before a voice on the other end picked up.

“This is Doctor Stahl’s office, Vanessa speaking. How may I help you?”

A psychiatrist.

“Hello, my name is Jared... Leto.” He said before taking a deep breath. “I’d like to make an appointment, please.”

It was time he got some help.




Posted by: ndrng_cntrdctn (ndrng_cntrdctn)
Posted at: July 8th, 2011 02:47 am (UTC)

I got home from work and found this! *head still spinning* ...

Really well written, I hate the turmoil, but I know it can only get better... right??? *Big puppy eyes*

I still love it. And crave it like a crack addict needs a fix :)

Posted by: Kayden (bouncinggoat)
Posted at: November 28th, 2011 08:41 pm (UTC)

Aw, thanks for the compliment. I'm sorry for turmoil, but I couldn't help myself. It's always darkest before the dawn and all that :)

Glad you liked it!

Posted by: legolastariel (legolastariel)
Posted at: July 8th, 2011 06:42 am (UTC)
J/C cuddly

The turmoil is the best part about it! LoL Blood, sweat and tears - yes, baby! :)))

Glad to see you're back! Did you enjoy your vacation? And have you been a good girl not thinking about WAN at all? If so, let me know how you do it! How do you make the little wheels STOP, so they don't come up with new stories and keep formulating sentences and whole paragraphs in your mind 24/7. :-)

Btw, I did it! My left arm is hurting, too, now. I think I've got TWO mouse arms now. Swell. I don't know what to do now. Can't stay away from my computer and LJ and writing for months (!!!). Yiekes. But I don't want this to become a permanent damage in the end, if I don't do something. I think I'm gonna call the doctor again and ask if the problem is just the mouse, so simply using a keyboard for writing was okay. There's always the touch pad ... Darn.

Anyway, glad to have you back!

Posted by: alice_domoto (alice_domoto)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 03:19 am (UTC)

Another update!
When I knew that Jared was going to be released, I felt so happy for him and expected that things would be easier for him. Well, but at least Jared realizes that he has a problem and has to find help. A very huge step!
The scene where Jared and Colin cry on the floor is so emotionally intense...my heart breaks with them. Oh...poor boys...but it's also somewhat sweet at the same time, how Colin cradles Jared on his chest and rocks him in his sleep~
I can see that Colin really misses being intimate with Jared. We miss that too! Hahaha...
Your writing is superb, all the dialogues and descriptions. I'm totally immersed in the story while reading it!
Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Posted by: Kayden (bouncinggoat)
Posted at: November 28th, 2011 08:44 pm (UTC)

He is on the right track now, hopefully.

I'm glad you found it intense, that's what I was going for, so thank you! They really need each other those two.

Aw, that's quite the compliment, thanks!

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: July 14th, 2011 10:16 pm (UTC)

Hey ^^
Gotta tell you, it's been awhile since I've started reading your LJ and gosh. I love them so much and the way you write everything is so... Well. Dunno, but I like it. Alot. Can't wait to see what you have in store for all of them. Wow !

Posted by: Kayden (bouncinggoat)
Posted at: November 28th, 2011 08:45 pm (UTC)

I'm glad you like it! I hope I keep delivering stories that pleases you guys. Thanks for the comment

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