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Kayden [userpic]

From Fan to Echelon: The WTF Transition

December 6th, 2011 (02:44 pm)

I’ve been involved with 30STM and everything it entails for more than 20 months. I’ve supported the band in forums, during award shows and I have voted ‘till my fingers felt numb. But I was not an Echelon. How do I know? It’s pretty tough to explain. But I think it started because of my odd entrance into this magical Echelon world. I came here, after finally convincing myself to watch Alexander. AtG is by far my favourite historical figure and I have read tomes and biographies by the hundreds. I knew that the movie was a hot mess just by watching the trailers, so I decided not to get involved. Until I watched it by accident. I had heard of all of the actors, was familiar with their filmographies and knew of their work. Including Jared Leto. But him, I had already decided that I didn’t like. Ages ago, while surfing the internet I had found a picture of a very stunning and handsome young man, whose name was Jared Leto. I hit Google Image Search and one of the first pictures to pop up was JL snogging Paris Hilton. Yikes. I more or less decided immediately that I was not getting involved with that tool.

But watching him act out a man (Hephaistion) who I had more respect for than practically anyone else on the planet, past, present and future, made me accept and respect JL by association.

And the moment I let my initial misconceptions about Jared Leto go; a man with integrity, heart and talent popped up, took his place and made me fall in awe. Jared Leto is one of a kind and I really respect him.

So, I delved deeper into the fandom surrounding AtG, until I ended up listening to 30STM. I was prepared for utter shit. Because let’s face it, most actor bands should never have been allowed to live. But to my surprise, it was love at first listen. It was my kind of music. I was thrilled.

I spent the next many months falling deeper and deeper in love with the band and their fans. But I was still an outsider. I watched Echelon’s interact with each other from a distance; I admired their dedication, their passion and their commitment. But I was not one of them. I was budding fan, who never expected to get swept up in the madness.

It happened so gradually, that I never had a chance to see it coming. I have no idea when I stopped being proud on behalf of the Echelon, to actually feeling proud myself. And I have no idea when I stopped being offended on behalf of the Echelon, when someone bullied the band or its members, to being offended myself. As I said, it was gradual.

But, I am an Echelon now.

That was something I found that out yesterday, while hanging out on twitter after the Billboard livechat. Seeing a bunch of fellow fans lacking VyRT’s and being unable to participate in #Mars300 somehow struck a chord in me. I wasn’t sad on their behalf – I was sad because my family was being left out of a experience that I thought they deserved.

So aside from my own VyRT, I bought 3 extra which I handed out to fellow Echelons so they could see the show. It struck me, as I was paying for those VyRT’s that something had happened. I live on a skimpy salary and I have an 800$/600€ dental bill this month, as well as having to buy Christmas presents. Yet here I was, buying show tickets to people I have never met and likely never will, all because of the fact that I felt a kinship with them and I shared their feelings, dreams and desires.

So to myself: Welcome on board, sista! You took your sweet time. And to my fellow Echelons: I love you and I wish you a wonderful #Mars300!

Oh, and thanks for letting me be part of this wonderful family! *marshug*    


Posted by: enchantr (enchantr)
Posted at: December 6th, 2011 06:41 pm (UTC)

I stumbled on Jared Leto after watching Alexander on PPV, then late at night saw the video for "From Yesterday" and wondered who the beautiful guy was singing. I finally Googled 30stm and lo and behold, it was Hephaistion! I started listening to their music and got into it almost immediately. I've seen most of Jared's movies and have all the CD's and DVD's of the band's music, plus the books he's put out - I just got "Notes from the Outernet" and am making my way through that.

Now I have to add here that I'm old enough to be Jared's mother, but I've always loved rock music and beautiful men - it had just been a long time since I'd fallen so hard for a band or one of said lovely male creatures. So, my fascination began about 2006 - same time of year as now so I suppose it's my 5th anniversary as an Echelon and lover of both the band and the guys in it, and their frontman. They're all interesting, witty, intelligent and have wicked senses of humor - just my style!

I've even written some fan fiction although not as much as I have in other genres - but it's been a fun trip so far and I hope they don't "rest" too long after this tour. I've got my VyRT ticket and am happily waiting for tomorrow.

Ain't it fun??

Posted by: legolastariel (legolastariel)
Posted at: December 7th, 2011 11:18 am (UTC)
Jay Yeah gif

Good morning, dear new Echelon-girl! :-) That sure was one interesting inside view on how you obsession with Jared and 3ßSTM started and developed and your POV changed.
Funny, I first saw him in a couple of YouTube vids on Alexander and was stunned. I thought he was one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen, so I did the same as you - googled him. And came across a couple of hideous pictures myself. LoL It was a spontaneous WTF-reaction and I decided, just like you, that I didn't like that guy. I'm more into the 'Orlando Bloom/too good to be true' kind of guys. *giggles* But we all know that Jared has his way to stay on your mind nevertheless and eventually you see more in his than the guy who smooched the slut Paris Hilton.
Well, till this day though I'm not an Echelon and will never be. I've been to one concert and wasn't overly impressed (mostly because I generally hate rock concerts, I guess. Too many people and too much fucking noise. LoL), the music is not really my cup of tea although I really like some of the songs (especially from the new album) and I just can't keep Tomo's last name in mind. *giggles*
I have no idea what VyRT means or what #Mars300 is and I've never felt more misplaced than in the middle of those hard core Echelon fans who stood in line before said concert hall. That's just not my world. I'm more into the actor Jared Leto than the singer and I'm quite happy in my little Jared/Colin fantasy rainbow bubble. :)))

But I gotta tell you - I am happy for you!! Simply because you seem to be happy. It sounds like you've reached the end of a journey or a search and you appear to be pretty content being an Echelon now. And buying tickets for other peeps? Wow, that's the Christmas spirit! I'm proud of you! Let the dentist wait for his money - they earn enough. After all, everybody got teeth and need to go see a dentist sooner or later. LoL But not everybody has the chance to see the band of their heart, so what you did was wonderful! So whatever this #Mars300 thing is - have fun!

Big hug for my fav Echelon. :-)

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