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Kayden [userpic]

Fic: What About Now - Chapter 15

November 28th, 2011 (10:44 pm)

Does anyone still care? Hello? I've missed you all and I'm very,very sorry! I'm offering a double post as an apology. 

Title: What About Now?
Pairing: Jared/Colin
Rating: R
Feedback: I have never needed it more. Good or bad, need it!
Disclaimer: NOT TRUE, and hopefully most will never ever happen. I own nothing.
Beta: As always, my never ending love goes to the wonderful legolastarielwho helped me once more. Thank you, dear!
A/N: Story begins at the O2 Arena concert November 30th.
A/N 2: Dedicated in its entirety to the ever lovely and always supportive legolastariel!

Summary: Jared is fighting for his life. Colin is fighting with himself. And the press is fighting for a story.

Colin ran a nervous hand through his hair as he watched Ellen DeGeneres make herself known to the eager crowd. The studio was packed with people. Never before had he done an interview and seen the room filled to that degree. The show had been announced a week ago, two days after his conversation with Jared in the car. There were huge expectations in place everywhere, but especially by the media who anticipated a confirmation of what they assumed they already knew.

Ellen would always be the one Colin went to in that world. Over the years, they had developed a casual and professional friendship that extended beyond the many interviews. She was perfect for the job of outing their past relationship, as she was a familiar face, an ally and an intelligent woman who would keep the questions dignified. And he did not mind giving her a scoop.

The many cameras crept towards the hostess on her stage and Ellen folded her hands in front of her. “Our first guest tonight is a very good friend of mine. Here to give us some info and dispel a few rumors, please welcome, Colin Farrell!”

The audience began cheering and clapping loudly. Taking a deep breath, Colin put on his game face and made his way out of the shadows, taking the walk to the dark red armchairs with as much confidence as he could muster. Rarely had there been so much at stake for him during an interview and he willed the flutter of nerves creeping up his spine to die away, all too aware that this was not the time to have doubts.

Stepping onto the platform that made up the stage and true to tradition, he opened his arms and walked up to Ellen, giving her a wink, a smile and a chaste kiss on the lips that made the audience laugh. It did not matter how much had happened in his life off the stage, some things would stay the same.

Thunderous applause continued to ring out as he took a seat. He looked out over the crowd and was more than a little shocked to see several girls wearing the iconic triad necklace. The one he still saw on Jared’s neck every day. He fought back a grin at the show of support from the Echelon. They could have chosen distance and dislike, but instead they were apparently willing to give him a chance. Back when they were dating, he often wondered what Jared’s super hardcore fans would say if they knew he existed. And it seemed that he would know soon, as the taping today would be shown tomorrow.

Crossing his legs, he leaned backwards on the chair and tried to stop his wandering hands from giving away the uneasiness that still crept through his veins every time he was interviewed. But for once, he felt that his nervousness was justified. The air felt thick with anticipation and the crowd was watching him with eager and awaiting eyes. For the first time, he wondered if maybe a press release would have been the best way to go.

“How do you want to do this, Jared?” Colin asked, sitting down at the kitchen table at the Leto house with his large mug of coffee, before throwing his feet up on an unused chair. Aside from an early meeting, he had had the day off and seeing as both of his sons were with their mothers, he had decided to drop in before noon to spend some time with his ex.

Jared had only just gotten up and was still wheeling himself around on the kitchen floor, systematically going through every one of the many cupboards looking for something to eat for breakfast. There was plenty of food around, but Jared’s ever changing appetite created trouble at most meals these days and the singer kept snuffing distastefully at everything he found. Picking up a roll of pop tarts and a pack of chocolate cookies, he placed them in his lap, before stuffing an unopened bag of sunflower seeds in his mouth to free up his hands so he could roll himself to a different cabinet. “I don’t.” Jared muttered around the wrapper in his mouth, the words muffled but not distorted enough to be impossible to understand.

Colin let out at an annoyed sigh at the response, which in turn made Jared lift his hands calmingly. “But, I know that we’re doing it,” he said, as Colin nodded his head before taking another long sip of his coffee.

“And I will live with it.” Jared mumbled, mostly to himself as he rolled towards the dining table to dump his findings from his scavenging trip. Reaching over Colin’s arms, he picked up a pear from the bowl in the middle of the table and started eating it, occasionally supplementing the fruit with bites of the pop tarts, handfuls of seeds and the occasional bite of the vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Colin was surprised that Jared was not making more of a fuss. He had always been a sore loser and this would be considered a loss, at least in the singer’s book. And when it came to coping strategies, Jared had always needed to make a bit of a ruckus whenever he was forced to concede. The lack of real trouble from Jared’s side made Colin wonder if his ex was maybe a lot more ready for this than he had given himself credit for.

“I assume that you don’t want to be the one doing it?” Colin asked, placing his steaming mug of coffee back on the table. Jared stopped chewing as he looked to the Irishman, before shaking his head.

“And you are correct.” Jared said, picking up the pear once more to take a large bite. Colin was neither surprised nor angered that the task of coming clean fell upon him. Jared had thus far refrained from having any personal contact with the media whatsoever. The only public announcements out there had been from The Hive and though back in the day that used to be Jared, it was now Tomo, Shannon and Emma. Jared even turned down reading over the announcements before they were publicized. Overall, he distanced himself from his past life of media pampering and instead sought a life in relative hiding. Colin did not fault Jared for not wanting anything to do with the media just yet. He was not going to push.

“So, how do you want me to do it?” Colin tried again and this time Jared seemed to mule over the question instead of shutting him down.

“We both have our allies in that world. I think she would be perfect.” Jared announced, not needing to name any names.

“Look, we can go over the questions together and design this like we want it. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing.” Colin said softly, but Jared shook his head dismissively.

“If it helps any…” Jared said trailing off as he wheeled himself away from Colin to create a semblance of distance between them. “I do… sorta… trust you,” he finished, before turning on the faucet to drown out any reply Colin might have wanted to make.

When the claps died down, Colin turned to Ellen expectantly and she did not miss a beat. “Colin, great to have you with us. How are you?”

Ignoring the cameras zooming in on his face, Colin focused on her. “I’m great, glad to be here,” he said, internally debating with himself if the words were a lie or not. Chairs in hot studios like this were not exactly his preferred place in the world, but when it came to being interviewed, Ellen would always be his favorite.

“So everybody is talking. Everybody is talking and you of course know that. The attention on you and Jared Leto is crazy, how has it been for you? Because, we obviously see you both being hounded, tell me a little bit more about that?” Ellen asked and Colin was grateful that she dove in with both feet and got the show on the road immediately. He had always appreciated forthrightness.

“It’s overwhelming and very stifling at times. With everything that has happened…” he slowed down and carefully considered his next words. He was not dumb enough to believe that their requests would be respected anyway, but that did not stop him from wishing there were any magic words out there that would make the harassment of Jared stop. “Some distance would definitely be appreciated. Some respect would be nice, that’s for sure.”

“You and Jared Leto have presented a united front ever since you turned up at the hospital in London that night after the shooting. How important has it been to stay silent? One can practically say that you both have been in lockdown.”

“The silence has been very important.” Colin said and he honestly meant it. “From the start, the way the media was handled was important, because of the delicacy of the matter and as things progressed,” he hesitated once more, “…time was needed. Jared needed to leave the hospital, before there would be a chance to start assessing what people wanted to know.”

“About that night –”

“It’s not my story to tell.” Colin cut her off and she seamlessly changed gears, which only confirmed that she had been the right choice for them.

“So I gotta ask, as people want to know. Are you single? What’s the story?”

“I am single.” The moment he said the words, the audience let out a deafening boo accompanied by a cacophony of disgruntled yells, which momentarily made the cameras that, so far, had been focusing on him turn to the crowd instead. Colin was not too surprised at the reaction. He knew that they assumed he was lying or trying to cover his ass, insulting their intelligence. Everybody assumed that they knew the story, as the media had wasted no time trying to paint a pretty picture of Jared and Colin going behind everybody’s back and having a relationship since Alexander. He would probably have made the same assumption, were he in their shoes.

“I am single right now, but…” he paused for dramatic effect and felt kind of silly, but he could tell it was appreciated as the cameras slyly snuck closer to him, obviously waiting for the story, “…it is true that Jared and I used to be in a relationship.” There was a moment of silence and he turned his head towards the audience, just in time to see one of the girls, one of the Echelon’s from before, let out a catcall and wave her arms in glee before turning to her friends in confusion.

“And you are okay with talking about this now?” Ellen asked as she sat upright and scooted forward in her chair, getting ready to cut in before the crowd got any funny ideas.

“We are talking about this now – to a certain extent, of course.” Colin reiterated and people laughed politely.

“How long were you together and how long ago was it?” She asked, placing her folded hands on her knees.

“It’s been a while. We were together for a few years and then broke it off, but we have remained close friends.” They had decided not to give away any exact dates or timeframes. And with good reason, as neither of them had been against being photographed with women and playing into the assumption that any female next to them were their girlfriends. There had even been staged events and they had both been careful about feeding the right rumors and squashing the wrong ones. Admitting they had used beards in the past would only result in the targeting of several women for rude questionings and they had no desire to inflict that. Nor would it be wise to do so. Colin, in particular, was nervous about having many of his exes involved in all this.

“You chose to stay quiet while you were together. Why was that? To many it does not seem like an obvious choice, to stay in hiding for multiple years.”

This was the question they had discussed the most, Jared and he. Colin thought back to their countless conversations regarding the subject and decided to speak from the heart. Even though it was ultimately Colin’s decision to come out, there was a reason even he had waited so long. He truly agreed with a plethora of Jared’s points and if they had not been found out, he was not sure that anyone would ever have known about them.

“It was not an easy decision to make, but in the end we decided… that it would be our choice. We never had an easy relationship and there were plenty of things stacked against us. But we decided to give it a try – and if we crashed and burned, we would do it in private and not in front of the glare of the media.”

“So you felt you were doomed from the get-go?” Ellen asked, seemingly confused and the question surprised Colin. Both Jared and he would consider themselves optimists at heart and he had never considered that anyone would look at their choice in such a dark way and he quickly backtracked.

“Not doomed, no. But put in a position where we felt as though we did not want the pressures of being public placed on us. If it ended up being public, we would take it from there…”

Ellen nodded, but Colin could tell she did not understand. And as an out-and-proud lesbian herself, how was she supposed to?

“I have to ask, was this any point about shame? And I feel horrible for asking, seeing as I know you, but people are wondering. You weren't ashamed?” Colin found himself feeling grateful for the question, as it gave him a chance to clarify something that he knew bothered both him and Jared about being in the closet.

“No, never. At no point has our decision been influenced by shame, as there was nothing to be ashamed of. We just weren’t willing to play the media game either. If we made it, it would be on our terms, not the terms of the world press.” Colin enforced as he tried to get his point across. He looked out on the sea of faces and was glad to see many nod along to his words, even though a few people still looked at him with doubt.

“It all sounds very … elaborate.” Ellen commented and Colin shifted on the chair as he tried to come up with a response.

After a brief pause he said the only thing he could come up with, the only thing his heart was telling him, “I think it was exactly the opposite. We didn’t want it to be elaborate; we wanted it to be ours.” A hush fell over the audience as he finished and Colin could almost feel the attention on him shift from curiosity to pity. He clenched his teeth and wracked his brain for something more to say, something less… intimate. But before he could say anything, Ellen softly asked, “But you're not together anymore?”

“No,” Colin said simply, shaking his head trying to look as unaffected by the personal questions as possible.

“What happened?”

“Not all things are meant to last, but we have stayed in each other’s hearts and that is the most important thing.” Colin recited smoothly but honestly, as he answered the question without giving anything away that could complicate things for either him or his ex.

“And Jared, how is he doing now?” Ellen asked and Colin was pleased to see that her concern was genuine, not that he had ever doubted her.

“He is doing better, thank God. He is out of the hospital and back in LA for the time being.” Colin replied, once more not saying anything that people did not already know.

“I’m glad to hear that and please give him my regards. We will be right back after these messages.”

The rest of the interview passed with considerably more ease as Ellen’s questions centered around his career and his upcoming movies, something they had planned beforehand. He was a bit nervous to see how Jared would feel about the way he answered the questions. But all in all, Colin considered the interview a success.


After the outing of their past on national television everyone wanted in on the action. But this time, Colin was the main target. It had not taken the media long to figure out that as long as Jared did not talk, he was their access point and everyone wanted a piece of the cake. The vindictive urge to feel glee at the attention thrown on Colin after their outing had tickled Jared’s mind for a short while, but he had fought it off.

Colin may have wanted to come out but his ex had never been an attention whore.

On the contrary, Colin fought harder than ever to protect both his own, but also Jared’s wavering privacy. He refused interviews with tabloids and made sure to discourage all illicit and mean-spirited rumors about their old relationship. It was far from easy work, but Colin made no complaints and happily answered the same list of pre-prepared questions at talk shows again and again to keep the public content and off Jared’s back.

It was everything Jared could have hoped for and once again, Colin showed himself as the knight in shining armor courageously slaying the dragon that was the rabid media. It was pretty damn perfect and the singer had no idea how to feel about it.

So instead, he threw himself into the one thing he felt he had any control over. He had one goal in mind and that was to get out of his wheelchair. Hour after hour he worked with Theresa, he invited her into his home, converted his living room into a private rehabilitation facility, far away from the press, complete with his own gym. It did not take long for it to become his sanctuary.

It felt good to have a goal in mind. To have something to work on. Even though music was no longer a part of his life, he could not ignore his desire to have a project to immerse himself in. Something to pour his frustration into.

Because his frustration was undeniable.

“How are things coming along in here?” Colin asked buoyantly as he strolled down through the hallway, pulling Jared from his musings with his upbeat question. Jumping over the threshold, the actor ambled into the room with an armful of waterbottles. He threw one to Shannon, who caught it easily. The drummer was sitting akimbo on the floor of the room with a pair of his sticks, beating a rhythm against the sole of his neon sneakers as he watched his brother work with Theresa.

Not done, Colin sauntered towards the only female in the room and bowed gallantly before offering a bottle to the physical therapist, “For you milady!” Colin grinned cheekily at the blushing woman.

Still on the floor, Jared rolled his eyes at his ex’s blatant flirtation. Pushing himself onto his stomach with a groan, the singer placed his forehead against the cool mat as he breathed in deeply. The chemical scent of the cover fabric tickled his nose. He was exhausted and Colin was so not helping.

“How are you doing, Jay?” Colin asked again as he knelt down next to the singer who still had his head buried in the soft mat. Jared sighed but gave no answer.

“You want some water?” Colin questioned softly. Eventually, the tired American nodded and he rolled unto his back. Looking up at the ceiling and away from Colin’s face, Jared accepted the open bottle and took a long sip before closing his eyes once more.

Moments passed between the two in uneasy silence, as everyone in the room took note of the uncomfortable interaction between the former lovers. Eventually, Theresa grew impatient and moved the proceedings along.

“Are you ready to give it another try, Jared?” She asked and Jared put his hand out towards Colin, wordlessly requesting the plastic cap for the water. The younger man handed it over and Jared unceremoniously closed the bottle and rolled it towards Shannon’s feet, instead of giving it back to Colin.

“I’m ready…” Jared said resolutely. Colin took that as his cue to step back, Shannon on the other hand moved forward to kneel in front of his baby brother, not touching him or saying anything. The drummer knew Jared well enough to know that no coddling or praise would be accepted at this point. Silent support, however, was always appreciated. A balance the brothers had perfected ages ago.

“Take as long as you need.” Theresa added softly as she took her own place next to Jared, arms ready to lend support where it was needed. The woman had coached hundreds of people through tough rehabilitations and had learned by now to read her patients different needs regarding support. And Jared was a fighter, he was proud and he saw no reason to slow down.

Ideally, Theresa would have preferred to give the tentative standing and walking that Jared was attempting a few more days – maybe a week – but Jared would have none of it. And if there was one thing she had learned during her career it was that motivation, ambition and strength of will often proved more vital than additional training days.

Jared was lying supinely on an exercise pad. On each side of him a rail had been erected, both with handholds in easy reach. The trick for Jared was to pull himself into a sitting position and then pull himself upwards with his arms while using his good leg as his main support. The end result would hopefully be Jared standing upright with all his weight on his uninjured leg. However, that was easier said than done.

“I don’t understand. Why does he have to be sitting down beforehand? Why don’t we just let him walk while leaning on the handrails?” Colin asked.

“Walking is not the hard part in this. Upper body strength and mobility is what is essential at this point. Crutches will be useless if he can’t hold himself up and move around painlessly without the use of both legs.” Theresa interjected kindly, without ever taking her eyes away from her patient.

Pulling himself into a sitting position was the only easy part for Jared in this. The past few weeks of heavy training had been focused on increasing the potency of the muscles around his healed ribs, as well as giving him enough upper body strength to be able to lift himself out of the wheelchair with ease, so he could attend to his own needs. The past few days, however, had revolved around getting some strength back in his lower body, in hope that he would soon be able to progress to using crutches while his femur healed all the way.

Getting ready, Jared moved his arms forward as he took hold of the rail closest to the ground.

Flexing, he lifted himself up and tried to hold the position. He could feel his arms trembling at the added weight. Jared’s muscles burned, his breathing was unsteady and after only a few seconds he felt his limbs give away. He had no other choice than to give up and fall back on the mat with a heavy sigh.

“Maybe we should give it a few more days.” Theresa said softly and Jared looked up. Behind his physical therapist, Colin was looking at him with concern as he nodded his head along with her words.

“I can do this!” Jared ground out in no uncertain terms as his blue eyes warned everyone to stay away and give him another chance. Colin’s agreeing with Theresa pissed Jared off for reasons unknown. He was tired of being treated as a frail invalid, however legitimate their concerns may be. He wanted to be able to rely on his own body to move around. He needed to feel capable again. He craved it.

Taking a deep breath, Jared grasped the handlebar once more as he lifted himself up. He clenched his eyes shut and let his only focus be on trying to get his good leg underneath him. But even though his left leg was free to move, the limb was not nearly as strong as it had once been. Lack of use made even this simple exercise difficult.

But Jared was not deterred this time. Sweat started beading on his forehead and his brow furrowed as he tried not to lose his balance. He held the uncomfortable position long enough to start pulling his good leg underneath him where he needed it. Seconds felt like hours as the room held its collective breaths, all eyes focused on Jared.

Finally, after what felt like an age, Jared had his limb where he wanted it and he moved his arms upwards, grasping for a higher purchase. Feeling cool metal below his palms, he tried to lift himself up, but to his consternation his sweaty palms could not get a proper grip and he felt his hands start to slip. Then suddenly, before he had a chance to feel the burn of another defeat, two very different hands laid themselves onto his trembling ones. Colin and Shannon had instinctively taken a place on either side of him, lending not only emotional support but physical, unobtrusive support as well. Their firm hands enclosing his fists, holding his hands in place, spurred him into pulling himself upwards with whatever energy he had left. Letting out a groan, he felt his elbows creak as they locked – leaving him standing upright for the first time since that December evening on a stage in London.

Jared could not care less that he was completely dependent on the rails at his side. He was standing Goddamnit. And it felt good.

Shannon let out a whoop as he let his free hand rest on his baby brother’s trembling shoulder. Jared had no energy for such enthusiastic sounds, but through his heavy breathing, an authentic and boyish smile covered his face, saying more than any words could.

Colin looked like he was ready to weep with pride and for the first time that day Jared felt some of his hostility toward his ex disappear. Instead, he sent Colin a grateful smile as he nodded towards the large palm that was still enclosed around his right fist, helping with keeping his hand steady.

“Way to go, Jared.” Theresa offered with a large grin in place as she celebrated her patient’s major victory.

“Now the trick is to get back down!”


After Jared’s successful work in the living room the group had moved to the terrace. Food had been ordered as no one was in the mood to cook. As Theresa left for home, Tomo showed up, the younger man coming just in time for the take out. Something that had prompted a bout of affectionate teasing that the Croat had smelled dinner from his own place and had picked his timing for the visit accordingly.

The mood was kept light and even Jared seemed less remote than usual, although his face remained without a noticeable smile.

For Jared, eating dinner with the familiar backdrop of Tomo and Colin conspiring over the lack of meat on the menu, gave him a rare feeling of déjà vu. But in the uniquely comfortable sense, as he could not help but feel warmed by sitting on his deck enjoying a hearty meal consisting of barbecued stir-fry – with his favorite hot sauce – in the welcoming presence of the people he considered family.

Colin was carefully arranging the Brussels sprouts on his plate, a look of intense concentration on his face as he surrendered himself to the task. He began to hum under his breath, dark strands of hair falling into his face and a small smile playing on his lips. Tomo started talking again, this time with his mouth full, and Colin turned his face and body completely towards the guitarist as they continued their relaxed conversation. It was more than just polite interest from Colin that made him turn, to Jared, it was a reflection of the way the younger man always enwrapped himself in conversations, his full attention staying on what was in front him. It made Jared suddenly reminisce the days when he always had the man's focus.

The strength of Colin never ceased to amaze the singer. The way that he had gotten his life back on track after veering off the chosen path was something that Jared envied. How would he ever get back on track himself? Colin was such a force of nature. A hurricane that pulled people into his world, into his heart where they would never escape. A heart that held a lot more goodness than Jared’s ever had. Colin was the one Jared fell for. Colin, with his open and sympathetic soul, his warm eyes and his never-ending care for those around him.

The younger man never accepted a standstill, never accepted lack of input to the world encircling him. Colin loved to be surrounded by people and surrounded by energy. He fed of the excitement and propelled it into even greater heights. He was a natural focal point. And not just to Jared.

A beautiful, artistic soul, full of energy and life. Full of future.

“Stay here for the night.”

The conversation around him ground to a halt. The words left Jared before he had a chance to think things through and he mentally berated himself for even opening his mouth in the first place, disrupting the pleasant chatter that had filled the breezy night air. He could tell that the deck's occupants were just as shocked as he was – Shannon in particular. Not because he had opened his mouth, of course, but because of his ridiculous words.

“Here?” Colin asked, mouth opening mid-chew to gape at Jared, before swallowing the food with difficulty.

“We have a guest room, I guess?” Shannon offered, or rather questioned, as he looked towards his younger brother in confusion. Following Jared's words was second nature – the same way that following Shannon's actions was second nature for Jared. Taking unspoken cues and clandestine hints was just another way of communicating for the two brothers. But this one had Shannon stumped. And not just due to his lingering caution towards Colin, but more because he knew that Jared had thus far been rigid in his dealings with other people. No one was allowed to stick around for too long, unless they were Shannon. And the few exceptions there had been, had ultimately resulted in Jared feeling even more caged in than usual, leaving the drummer on high alert.

“But I didn't bring anything with me.” Colin said, still confused by the sudden attention on him from the singer, who had been content ignoring the Irishman for the better part of the evening, following what had happened in the living room.

“Well, what do you need?” Jared asked, a hint of annoyance creeping into his tone that confused Colin further.


“Colin, I'm not fucking forcing you, it was just a suggestion.” Jared licked his lips nervously. “It’s just, you have that annoying drive at the height of traffic from your part of Beverly Hills and you just told Tomo you have a meeting here in Hollywood tomorrow, which is just down the street. You can stay the night...” He ranted, getting agitated as he tried to explain why he had just offered his ex a room. It always bothered Jared when he had to explain himself, but it bothered him even more this time, since he knew the others' confusion was more than valid. And he still did not know exactly why he had even offered in the first place. But taking words back were not his style. And how the hell was he supposed to take this back gracefully anyway?

Glances were exchanged over the table and Colin cleared his throat before looking over at Jared, the brown eyes carrying a depth that confused Jared. “Uh, I'd love to.”

“Fine. Now was that so hard?” Jared asked impersonally as he hid how flustered he was behind his harsh tone. He had no idea what compelled him to ask Colin to stay, but he knew the moment he did that he was going to stand by it. He often had sudden impulses, but rarely did they involve other people than himself or maybe Shannon. Yet one thing did not change, when they happened, he followed them through to the end, consequences be damned.

Colin picked up his fork once more. Stabbing at a Brussels sprout, he cleared his throat uncomfortably as he waited for conversations to pick up around him and Jared watched as his ex tried to look anywhere else but at him. Shannon and Tomo started up a conversation around Shannon's beloved motorcycle and it did not take long for Colin to gratefully hatch himself onto their talk, being a former owner of one and all.

Jared stayed silent while he picked at his food feeling uncomfortable at the table, uncomfortable in his own skin and he selfishly wished that the others would do something to alleviate it.

When the time came to clean up and do the dishes, Jared hastily excused himself and left for his room. He climbed into bed, happy to be lying down and wrapped himself in the covers. His body felt heavy with exhaustion from the day’s events and as soon as he closed his eyes sleep overwhelmed him.


TBC - Very soon (not Jared soon this time, but tomorrow, if all goes well.)


Posted by: shiralyndee (shiralyndee)
Posted at: November 29th, 2011 06:54 am (UTC)

You have made my day with this new chapter. It's good to see Jared starting to think beyound the pain of his and Colin's past. Colin hang in there for you and Jared:)

Posted by: Kayden (bouncinggoat)
Posted at: December 30th, 2011 02:07 am (UTC)

Aw, thank you so much. Things are definitely happening between them, that's for sure :)

Posted by: legolastariel (legolastariel)
Posted at: November 29th, 2011 07:31 am (UTC)
J/C amused

You know I love this story and you, my dearest, but the reason why I'm commenting on your LJ AND Farrelleto AND Jared_Colin_Sin is to punish you for staying away so long and keeping everybody waiting. LoL You deserve it. So I'm gonna bug you a little bit, so you never forget again. I hope this doesn't scare you at all now, because you are busy writing chapter 17 right now! :))))

Posted by: Kayden (bouncinggoat)
Posted at: December 30th, 2011 02:09 am (UTC)

Me deserving punishment? *looks sheepish* How could that possibly be true? LOL

I promise I'll do my best to not disappear like that again :P

Posted by: legolastariel (legolastariel)
Posted at: December 30th, 2011 04:54 pm (UTC)
J/C sweet love

I promise I'll do my best to not disappear like that again :P

Promises, promises. Well, you try to keep it and stick around and I go disappearing instead. How's that? :-) Only fair to take turns, unless you wanna go disappearing with me. Bring the booze. LoL

Posted by: Iphy (ailes_de_verre)
Posted at: November 29th, 2011 10:41 am (UTC)

I'm commenting here, too just because I am overly happy to see you are still writing this, and I need to say this once more :) Keep up the good job

@legolastariel Darling, I also hope we can see some more Letobabies soon from you, too. That's such an awesome series :)

Posted by: Kayden (bouncinggoat)
Posted at: December 30th, 2011 02:11 am (UTC)

Aww, thank you! It's good to be back, this story is my baby and it was almost painful for me to put it away for so long. I'm happy you still like it! :)

And I must agree, Letobabies are darling!

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Kayden (bouncinggoat)
Posted at: December 30th, 2011 02:13 am (UTC)

I'm glad the characterization still works for you, as it is one of my pet peeves. Colin is such a warm person, with so much heart and passion, I really like writing him :)
Hopefully there'll be more moments in the future with the love of those two!

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